Grinding And Surface Prep

Grinding And Surface Prep

Before installing epoxy flooring or other types of concrete coatings, you must ensure that the underlying surface is properly prepared. Whether starting from scratch or removing an old coating first, concrete preparation is necessary to ensure the proper adhesion of your new surface.

If you need help with concrete surface preparation, Concrete Ideas should be an easy choice for the job. Our experienced team of concrete coating specialists will help you get the smooth, level profile that you need to get your ideal floor.

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Don’T Overlook The Importance Of Concrete Floor Grinding

Here are some of the main benefits of our concrete surface preparation:

  • Increasing the bond strength of new flooring
  • Removes existing coatings or adhesives
  • Eliminates high spots and other imperfections
  • Getting rid of dirt and debris on the surface

We Know How To Prep Concrete For Epoxy

Concrete Ideas has been working with concrete surfaces for over 16 years, which has equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of how to properly prepare floors for all types of coatings. We take the guesswork out of the process and ensure that you get the strongest working surface for your garage, business, or industrial property.

We have a consistent history of customer satisfaction and are also a trusted source for concrete coatings. Choosing us for your grinding and surface prep has many benefits, so we hope you will keep us in mind and remember the importance of this process when investing in a new floor.

Advanced Tools For Concrete Grinding And Smoothing

We have always aimed to provide our clients with flawless, consistent results, which is why we are committed to using the best equipment for all of our work. Our company has invested in a wide range of concrete grinders and other tools that ensure all of our prep work is completed adequately and efficiently.

Discuss Your Surface Prep Needs With Our Concrete Coating Specialists

Our staff will be happy to tell you more about our services and why our company is the right choice for your concrete. Get in touch with us anytime at (813) 857-1099 to request a consultation with our crew.